„2019, we’re going full force.

With a ton of releases lined up, it’s going to be our busiest year yet. Most of 2018 was spent writing and producing as much as we could while taking a step back from playing as many shows. Now we have all of this music ready to go, and it’s time to unleash it!

Our new single, “Different Love,” is about not staying stuck in your current circumstances. Find the strength to break those old patterns and allow yourself to be okay with wanting and knowing that you deserve more. We hope this song encourages you to want the best for yourself – set a higher standard for what you put up with.“

„“Different Love” was actually written about three years ago, and had been stashed away on a hard drive. After moving studios, we started going through these drives to clear out the junk. We came across the track and revamped it with a little more UK swing to the drums, and a brand new mixdown. BAM! “Different Love” was reborn!“