Powderhorn Premium Sportswear – Fall/Winter 2019

„Our design is timeless, modern and pays homage to the days when pristine ski slopes, rugged mountains and an everyday lifestyle went hand in hand. By combining this design with the latest fabric and constructiontechnologies,our outerwear obtains its unique versatile character.

Being close to nature, we draw inspiration and innovation from the place where it all started, in Jackson Hole and the legendary Teton Range. Our product portfolio is not influenced by short-lived fashion; it is timeless, self-assured and down to Earth.

Powderhorn not only respects its history and honors its roots in the Jackson Hole Mountains, but it also pays close attention to the origin of its materials. For production, natural materials such as leather, cotton or wool, and recycled materials as down feathers are predominantly used. Powderhorn’s goal is environmentally friendly production as well as the reduction of waste products.“