Pink Roses shares new track ‚westside‘

Pink Roses consists of two successful young silicon valley tech entrepreneurs, Nate Tepper and Dave Fontenot, turned dream pop duo. They call their style “chill emotional dream pop” — fans compare them to bands like LANY and The 1975. Driven by waves of 80’s style synth mixed with modern day beats and catchy pop melodies Pink Roses has quickly made a name for themselves in the LA scene.

They launched on Valentine’s Day 2019 and their first single ”hollywood” reached 60,000+ streams in its first month. Since then, they have successfully organized and sold out two 150 cap shows in LA. They are releasing their next single “westside” on June 11th and are scheduled to headline Hotel Café (Main Room 215 cap) on Saturday, June 22nd.. They plan to release their first EP in Summer 2019 and their second EP later this year, both produced by Cameron Hale (Khalid, Kiana Lede, Kailee Morgue, etc.).

Dave and Nate met years before starting Pink Roses, while living in a tech startup hacker house in San Francisco. They would write music together every night, after working on their startups. They wrote over 100 songs in their bedroom. In February 2019, they decided to move to LA and start Pink Roses.

With their successful entrepreneurial backgrounds in music and tech Dave and Nate have a unique approach to Pink Roses. Along with a creative artistic vision, brand, and aesthetic for Pink Roses, they take their startup experience and apply it to their music careers. Now with connections in the industry and early traction they are able to self-fund and self-manage Pink Roses with plans of one day playing stadiums.