With this digital masterpiece, we explore the innovative work of the dream interconnected to a fantasy world somewhere in the universe. In collaboration with the digital artist ANTHONY TUDISCO, we have created visuals, realistic animations and fantasy characters. We used digital technology to explore new themes and perspectives, while focusing on our strong brand identity. This digital art piece is built to perfection.

For PHILIPP PLEIN the future is where inspiration lives. The brand PHILIPP PLEIN is a meeting place for visionary minds and creative ideas since more than 20 years. In honor of legendary rock star TRAVIS BARKER and his modern rock music this inspired world has been created. ‘LIFE IN DREAMS’.

In the collection we invite you to explore the different worlds and color themes related to the artworks and prints used in the PHILIPP PLEIN collection. PINEAPPLE SKIES, BURNING PALM TREE’S, GRAFFITI MONOGRAM and TATTOO INSPIRED GRAPHICS reflect the west coast spirit. Which is a great inspiration combined with the music of TRAVIS BARKER. Like many fairy tales, the world of PHILIPP PLEIN fashion lies beyond your imagination. The music of TRAVIS BARKER transports you into a land of futuristic dreams. Inspiring greatness is the result of this unique masterpiece.

In the present COVID affected world, PHILIPP PLEIN has again reinvented its own legacy by not using any physical models in its fashion show productions. PHILIPP PLEIN will continue to rewrite the boundaries of artistry. PHILIPP PLEIN and ANTHONY TUDISCO have adopted the modern technology like no other brand and artist before. This is the beginning of a new chapter, a vision beyond our imagination. Since 1999, we have continuously been creating unique and recognizable luxury fashion products that have made PHILIPP PLEIN a global success. The future in the making. COVID gave our fashion group the possibility to rethink, reshape and develop a new strategy for the new post COVID era. Like no other brand we are shaping an eccentric story of success.