Peter Katz – Like We Used To Be

„My new song, „Like We Used To Be,“ is about hitting that definitive end moment in a relationship. Somehow that person still holds this ability to make your heart pound and your palms sweat, but you reach a point where you’re able to feel the nostalgia of it all, without feeling like you need to go back. You can see a way to finally begin to move on.
When you’re finally ready to draw that line in the sand, to say ’no more,‘ you set in motion a new possibility. That finality triggers a lot of pain, but that pain marks the start of the healing and the growth.
The production of „Like We Used To Be“ went through many incarnations, and I love where we ended up. It’s dancey and energetic with chopped up organic drums. With all my new music, I want you to be able to dance through your emotions, to feel it in your body first.

I hope this track permits you to fully feel experiences from your past without being trapped by them. To be able to look back, from a place of resolve, where you know that whatever it was… it’s behind you now.“

Photo Credit: Justin Broadbent