Peter Katz – „KMOTM“

„“KMOTM“ came out of a place of missing human connection. I think I’ve always tried to be „good“ and „do the right thing“ in my life. To deal with every problem perfectly; not resort to vices or distractions, handle every situation „well“, but there’s a danger of inauthenticity if you don’t allow for some of the cracks of the human experience to get in.
This song provides permission to connect with our messiness and darkness and be a bit more loving and accepting towards it. To feel free from the shame we often associate with feeling lonely, stuck, needy.
KMOTM“ is dark, moody, and sexy, meant to pull your feelings to the surface and get your body moving. Movement is such a big part of my upcoming record, City of Our Lives, which is out November 26th. It’s inviting you to process your feelings through your body instead of your head. Get up and dance on the same kitchen floor you may have been crying on a moment earlier.
Thank you for listening.“