Persol and JW Anderson´s new capsule collection. JW Anderson founder combined his unmistakable eclectic design know-how with Persol’s signature 649 and 0009 styles.

“I have always been a fan of Persol,” said Anderson. “They are a design classic; I wear them all the time. The craftsmanship and quality is amazing. They remind me of mid-century furniture design and their classic design inspired the color combinations.”

Persol layered its rich visual history with Anderson’s quirky take on the meaning of style, the graphic classicism of stylist Benjamin Bruno, and sculptural hair creations of the Jamaican-American hairstylist Jawara – all captured in eight living portraits by Tyler Mitchell.

“I really wanted to work with Tyler,” added Anderson. “He is such an incredible artist and photographer. I wanted images that became kind of poetic miniatures, almost like windows. I love what Jawara does as well. His hairstyles are amazing and helped creature this incredible portraiture that you somehow can’t place in time.”