Paul Usher – „Paper Cups“

Tender and brave, ‘Paper Cups’ ruminates upon those transient moments, those spontaneous nights when fledgling love flourishes. Sparse, contemporary R&B production reminiscent of Frank Ocean and Jessie Ware, beautifully underpin the romance and melodic joy in this affecting and unforgettable pop song – released June 14th 2019.

Delivered with a disarming charm Paul Usher recounts this LGBT love story ‘on a pauper’s high’ – with little money but little care for anything other than his beau. The self-taught pianist, who was writing songs from the age of 12, recounts cheap wine in paper cups, drinking games and make-shift beds on best friends’ floors; all imbuing the lyric with the rapture and abandon of youth, swollen with the joie-de-vie and possibility of young love.

‘I remember sitting by the river in Camden; laughing, loving and learning all about this beautiful Portuguese boy I’d just met. The date was so simple but so natural. The evening unfolded effortlessly and I remember feeling so unashamed about simply holding his hand in public. I couldn’t help but write this celebratory boy-meets-boy song and capture the feeling of surrendering to a moment with a kindred spirit.’

Building upon the success of his debut ‘Jesus Is

A Preston Boy’ which premiered with Attitude magazine who called it ‘A striking first impression’ and a ‘Profound debut’,

PAPER CUPS cements Paul’s reputation as a rising star on the music scene who is lyrically original, charmingly relatable and queering pop with style.