Multi awards winning Italian popstar, releases his new single after two years since the last album „Resolution“.

Osvaldo Supino is back. The new single and video „How Do We Know“ is now available world wide.
The hipnotic pop hit produced with Alexander Illberg, announces the new, forth studio album of one of the most recognized Italian artists overseas

„Sometimes we keep on searching someone special in your life, but we never ask ourself if we are open to receive them“ says Osvaldo „This song is an invitation to expose ourself and to be brave with our feelings“.

„How Do We Know“ released also in Spanish Version for the Latin Marked as „Como Saber“ already made a great debut in charts in Italy at #3, España #7, Switzerland #8, Germany #10 and Österreich #10. 

The new single announces the fourth studio album in English of the Italian artist, that, for the first time, it will be released also in Spanish Language.
„I love singing in Spanish. It rapresent a very important part of my expression. I’ve been waiting for this moment since a very long time and I’m really excited to make it.This new album is such a great piece of my life, I really believe it’s one of the most autobiographical works I ever released“.

Osvaldo Supino is one of the most recognized and award winning Italian artists, with 8 singles, 3 albums and 1 ep on the iTunes top10, 2 Nickeclip Awards, 1 Mei awards, first italian winner at LAIFFA Awards in LA, 1 Unicef Award, record as first Italian ever with 3 nomination at BT Digital Music Awards in Uk. In his career collaborated with some of the top producers of pop music such Tempo Stokes („AKA“ Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado), Trey Vittoe (Selena Gomez), Charlie Mason (Miley Cyrus) creating an unique sound that stands out from the typical Italian music, appreciated today from thousands and thousands of people.

Osvaldo Supino is back at his top with „How do we know“ and this is just the begin of a new long story with strong Italians roots but with a limitless international power