Most Effective Tips for Overcoming Fear of Being on Camera by Tobias Foster

Photo by Antonio Uquiche on Unsplash

Some people have gotten so used to and are comfortable living their lives in front of the camera. While on the other hand, some others are shy to take as much as a photograph, not to talk about making videos. You probably belong to the latter group if you’re reading this article.

Although being camera-shy isn’t a bad thing, there are times when you know you just can’t run from it. For instance, when you’re creating your LinkedIn profile, you know there is no way to avoid adding a profile picture of you, and it has to be a nice picture. You might also want to create a video for your blog or go full-time into video blogging, and you have to be in front of a camera regularly. What do you do in this case? What are the most useful tips to help you overcome the fear of being on camera? Here are a few tips from top essay writing services UK that you can check out, especially if you’re making a video.

Be confident

You might not have had any reason to stand before a camera for a long while, but you do now. You must show your confidence, whether you’re taking a photograph or recording a video. It might feel awkward at first, but it often becomes more predictable and less anxious as you do it. All you need is the confidence to walk in front of the camera and do your thing.

You can build your confidence on camera with constant practice. You have to be conscious about your decision to be in front of the camera regularly. That’s how you build your camera-confidence. In the absence of a camera, you could use a mirror to practice your pose and choose your best angle, or you could rehearse your speech repeatedly till you’re very confident with it.

If the camera-shyness results from how you perceive your body shape or image to be, you have a lot to learn about body positivity. It will be best if you start to see yourself more positively, and you have to teach your brain this. Focus on the more positive things about your body and not what you think is a flaw.

Bang on your outfit, hair, and makeup

If you have to take a professional picture, then you must put on professional makeup and hair. If you have to invest extra funds to pull this off, please do. Trust me; it helps to boost your confidence knowing that you’re dressed very beautifully and professionally as well, whether it’s a photo shoot or video shoot.

This might also come in handy for men. You can use makeup to cover skin discoloration and under-eye bags, etc. In this case (for male and female), the idea of makeup isn’t for your face to be heavy with makeup. It’s just you trying to put on your best appearance. Also, don’t try to do it yourself; let other people (professionals) handle it for you. It does make you more excited about the shoot and boost your confidence level. Make sure your clothes are well set too. It will help if you can get new cloth for the occasion and put it on just before the shoot starts.

Keep it short and straightforward.

It is easy to try and overcomplicate things when you’re in situations like this, but as AssignmentHolic states, you must keep things simple. It can be intimidating to have notes in front of you that you need to cover in detail in front of a camera, and you know you can’t miss out on anything, so you don’t have to start again. You can make things easier for yourself by breaking your video down into bullet points.

According to an author at write my assignment for me, one mistake you might make in your video shoot is trying to cram everything you need to say in one video. It is better to create a 3 minutes video with five parts than trying to create one long 15-minute video. Keeping it short and straightforward helps you a lot. Apart from having more content for your viewers, you might have to pick different times and dates, recording different parts, and that consistency helps you overcome your camera-shyness.

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Keep your eye on the camera.

In creating videos, especially, you must look at the camera consistently. It’s an essential part of your video blog. Your audience starts to wonder where or what you’re looking at when you aren’t looking at the camera, and it appears your mind isn’t there. It will help you to imagine that you’re talking to a close friend (the camera). According to assignment help service, the good thing is, you can quickly master this act and overcome your camera shyness.

Don’t try to be perfect.

Focusing on perfection is the easiest way to overcomplicate things during your photoshoot or video shoot. At times, it might be better to act silly, even in front of the camera. It gets you used to it. While it’s normal to have up to 5 or 6 takes for a 2-minute video, taking 15 or 17 takes just shows where your focus is – perfection. What this does, apart from wasting everybody’s time, is to keep you anxious, and this doesn’t help you overcome your fear of cameras.


Building a passion for photos helps you become more camera-confident. If you’re making videos, it is also essential that your videos are based on things you’re passionate about. Speaking from the heart is vital to overcoming the fear of being on camera. This way, your mind and being is on what you’re saying and not the camera in front of you.