MODUS VIVENDI – Sergio Diaz Rullo – Top Model Interview

What do you do in order to stay energetic and happy during the quarantine?

I try not to be lazy so I do schedules and routines, to stay active.

Can you think of anything that might work positively during the period we stay home?

I try to be busy, work out, learn new things, read, … all so as not to think about the quarantine.

How do you work out at home? Routine, videos, face time with your trainer?

I use the app of my gym, I also communicate with my personal trainer who gives me good instructions & advices.

Staying home can make us eat more than usual. Any tips to avoid gaining weight?

Eating is a great pleasure, it is best to try to have several full meals and avoid snacking all the time.

Favorite uplifting movies, series or music?

I listen to all kinds of music, it depends on my mood and the goal I want to have. There are days when I am nervous, and I try to relax with music, others sad and you need to get it out, others very motivated to dance or work out. While I read or paint I also listen to music. Series I really liked is Orange is the new black, and movies depends on the day I prefer movies that are somewhat far-reaching for think.

What do you do to stay connected with others?

Videocall videocall videocall and instagram and WhatsApp. It’s very funny.

Do you treat your body with massages, sauna or hamam? What`s the benefit of it?

Yes, sometimes I go to the hammam because it is relaxing for the mind and good for the lungs and skin.

As an environmental scientist do you think there is an urgency to change?

Yes, a social and economic change is necessary, where there is more responsibility when it comes to consuming products, we must favor companies with products made from recycled raw materials and a change in the energy system is necessary.

Have you changed your daily habits to support the environment?

Yes, I try to be as far away from plastic products and not waste energy unnecessarily and use public transportation. Each day contributed to the environment in my work.

Loving animals what would you suggest we all do to protect them?

I try not to pollute their habitats, not to visit zoos.

What would you choose if you could choose a different career?

Perhaps … I would have studied medicine, in the end it is about helping people taking care of both medicine and the environment, protecting others and looking after their health.

Any skin care tip?

My skin is too sensitive, I try to keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water and pouring aloe vera.

What did you do for fun? Stay home, dinner with friends? Parties and clubs?

A little of everything, there are days that you want to be hugged at home, others dance in the disco with friends or be alone having a good date with yourself. Whatever the plan, I always want hugs.

Any causes you support?

All those who defend freedoms, but my greatest commitment is to the environment and protect ourselves.

Are you on any dating app?

Noooo, Now I prefer to be far from sentimental problems

Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a partner?

No, I am single, what I value is respect, sincerity, admiration, knowing how to be alone enjoying your own company, and blue eyes that look at me at all times.

How do you dream of the first day after quarantine, what will be the first thing you will do?

I need a big cuddle, run on the field, breath and shout in the mountain. After, beach beach and more beach. I need to feel a lot of things.