Modus Vivendi Launches the Seamless underwear Line

Align your passion with your values, and enjoy this eco fashion line.

It is the purity of the product, the softness of the touch that binds us with the Seamless line.
Strong with a natural feel like sandy rocks near the coast calling you to feel them;
wear them and enjoy their fashion with a sense of consciousness and sustainability.
Eco-friendly fabric was the muse to create a line that is crafted with the planet in mind.

The Seamless line comprises of Mini Brief, Brief, Boxer.

The Modus Vivendi Seamless line, available in white, black, red and blue, features an elegant underwear with a knitted waistband and the
Modus Vivendi logo on it. Made from supreme green cotton fabric that is sustainable having an OEKO-TEX certification, this underwear is
naturally cozy, has a lux feeling as it is long- lasting. If you love the planet you’re sure to love this too.