Modus Vivendi Launches the Cycling Line

Introducing the padded/puffer underwear made of techno sport fabric with two ways stretch & UV protection formula. Comfortable, painless and flattering!

The Cycling line is freedom. This isn’t just an underwear line; this is a ticket to your dream ride that will transform your whole exercise experience.
The protective fabric will put a smile on your face no matter what you encounter. Enjoy the journey enjoy life!

The Cycling line comprises of Tanga Brief and Boxer

Wear the Cycling line and keep riding; to stay balanced you must keep moving.
The Modus Vivendi Cycling line is available in red, grey, black and blue, featuring a striped matching waistband.
This underwear sits low around your waist, is super comfortable offering protection, and has the stylish MV logo on the waistband. The main body of the underwear is made of techno sport fabric.
The perfect fit, two ways stretch & UV protection formula make this underwear line ideal for daily use, for your workout in the gym or for outdoor activities like cycling, snowboarding and skiing.

Modus Vivendi
Photographer:  Joan Crisol @joancrisolphoto
Model: Franco Brizzith
Location: Spain