Modus Vivendi Launches the Camo Marine underwear Line

What’s your super hero power?

Imagine you could just wear your underwear and you transform into an exceptional creature … we`ve got news for you … you are extraordinary and your underwear too! Wear your Camo with pride and your costume with caution as with great hotness, comes great responsibility.
The Camo Marine line comprises of Boxers, Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Tanga Briefs, Jockstraps, Shorts, Tanktops & T-shirts.

Which Super hero would you be? The Modus Vivendi Camo Marine, available in khaki and aqua, features a camo print design. This line is very comfortable and hip but also has some c-through super sexy designs you are going to love. The Camo Marine line is
masculine – camo print and sexy – transparencies, ideal for men who are dedicated in fighting fashion crimes.


Underwear: Modus Vivendi  / Photographer: Andrés Moca @andres_moca_photographer /

Model: Manuel Hoyas Rodriguez @manuhr9 & Darko Salvatore @darkosalvatore /

Video: Andrés Moca @andres_moca_photographer / Location: Spain