Modus Vivendi – Daniel Cajiao – Top Model Interview

How did the pandemic disturb your life and have you managed to find balance?

I don’t want to think about the pandemic disrupting my life. I don’t want to give a negative feeling to precisely this word but what I try is to see it as „how the pandemic made me see how I want to continue living my life.“ I think that I want to live it by taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to me and living it basically doing what I want to do, what I feel that is good for me and what I feel drives me to be better every day.

There’s a lot of talk for inclusion and diversity everywhere. What do you think needs to be done?

I think that we have to stop being afraid of what is different, what is diverse. I believe that the world is full of different beings and from each one of them there is much to learn. Life is about that, it is a constant learning and after each learning a better version of ourselves appears. So, if we think that way, if we think of diversity as a possibility of growth, inclusion comes later as something inherent.

Do you believe in Utopia? What do you do to leave this world a better place?

I believe in utopia but I also believe that there are as many utopias as there are people in the world. Each one has his utopia and in my particular case (I want) to leave… leave something positive in the world, what I try is to live my utopia while respecting the utopia of others.

What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?

What I find sensual in a partner is the attraction that goes beyond the physical. The one that has to do with a good talk, with agreeing on a thought, humm… the truth is that today at my age I feel that it mobilizes me much more than the physical question itself.

What is the one

a. thing you love doing?

What I like to do the most: Sports.

b. thing you love having (item)?

I do not have them near me at the moment but, headphones, what I like to have the most.

c. person you love loving?

Here when I was thinking about this answer, there is not one person I like to love more, I just like to love all those who sincerely love me.

We all need a win this year. What is yours?

Mine, without a doubt, was to have left my comfort zone in many aspects, to have moved to another country, to have changed jobs and to have surrounded myself with new people. Having put aside everything that I was used to for many years, to make way for something new and something that I wanted to do.

What do you want others remember you by?

I would like to be remembered for being an authentic person and for never try to harm anyone, at least not on purpose. We all make mistakes but there is a difference between someone who makes them and learn from it and someone who makes them intentionally. Then, I am interested in being remembered as a good and as a simple person.

What is beauty to you?

Beauty for me is something that goes far beyond what we can touch or what we can see; beauty for me is in all those moments that are precisely intangible and that are about sharing with the right people.

Are you that guy that buys anything new and innovative?

I am a person who likes technology a lot, but I do not know if I declare myself someone who constantly needs to buy. I am quite simple, even about my own clothing and yes, as I said just now, I like innovative things but I do not need to buy them all the time.

What is the quote that motivate you?

There are many quotes that motivate me and I believe that throughout my life and depending on the moment I am going through, there are some (quotes) that motivate me … they motivate me then or, let’s say, that I would have chosen at that time, but today I choose one that I heard from my brother and says that strength and luck always favor the brave people.

Model: Daniel Cajiao @danielcajiao