Modus Vivendi – Alvin – Top Model Interview

In ancient Greece people believed that you have to care for the 3 most important self the Body, the Mind and the Soul. What are your daily habits to support and evolve yourself?

Waking up early, workout every day, reading book before sleep.

Do you believe people can change? Change their habits, physical appearance … what it takes?

Yes everything is a habit so start with one step at a time.

Benefits of yoga and meditation in your life?

Relaxation & ability to help others because you are centered

Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a person?

Yes. I really appreciate positivity and honesty.

Favorite movies, books or music?

Anything that has to do with JAZZ

Which are you passions in life?

Healthy living

What do you think will be the next big thing in mobile technology to ease our mobile shopping?

Voice system – using your voice to do everything

How covid19 did change you? Daily life, life perspective, priorities …

It made me realize that health comes first

Alvin @alvin.0101