Millennial Careers by Jared Jaureguy

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Being a millennial is different in many ways than other generations. You knew and remember life before the internet and social media, therefore, many of you may enjoy traditional careers. But upon becoming an adult, you became immersed in online interactions, becoming entrepreneurs, and online dating. Here are six different careers that millennials may enjoy and why.


If you are someone who likes to enjoy a change of scenery every day and an office job is not for you, you may be interested in trucking jobs. The benefits of becoming a trucker are:

  • Great pay including bonuses and frequent pay increases
  • Benefits like health insurance and paid time off
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule
  • You are able to work in teams and get to know other people to accomplish your goal
  • You will always have job security as truck drivers are needed in every single industry
  • Enjoy different sceneries and terrains allowing for time alone

Information Technology

Due to the fact that most millennials were young when the internet became popular, you all figured out how to work computers early. If you are always the go-to person when a friend or family member needs help with their internet or electronic devices, you may want to consider a career in IT. Information technology careers definitely offer job security as almost every industry is using some form of electronics. Many businesses have begun sending their employees home to work, which means most Americans own or use a computer daily. This is a skill that is highly sought after.

Graphic Design

As stated above, many companies and entrepreneurs use some form of an online platform almost daily. Americans are exposed to advertisements and games delivered through graphics all of the time. This makes a career in graphic design a wonderful choice for millennials. In this career, you could create logos, design layouts for a company or individual websites, advertisements, restaurant menus for online ordering, or pamphlets and business cards. This field allows you to be creative and use your talents to benefit other people, with the potential of making very good money once you have experience.


Fire fighting is an industry that allows you to serve the public with a flexible schedule and good pay. It is a respectable profession, and many of the benefits include:

  • You can maintain your physical fitness and health
  • Helping everyday people and saving lives
  • Build your communication, and critical thinking skills
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Perfect your time management and prioritizing habits
  • Job security as firefighters will always be needed
  • Make lifelong friends with your colleagues
  • Become comfortable operating heavy equipment
  • Gain the respect of your community


Whether you choose to be a registered nurse or physician’s assistant, you are still helping people during some of their toughest times. The many benefits of being a nurse are:

  • The potential to promote and move up in your career
  • Learning something new each day
  • Never a dull or boring moment
  • Serving your community and gaining their respect
  • You will always have job security and be able to find employment
  • Opportunities to work overtime with compensation
  • Great salary and benefits like paid time off and health insurance
  • You will have the opportunity to travel and work in the whole world
  • Nurses are able to choose their own specialty or niche

Project Manager

If you like to help other people and be a leader in your work environment, you may enjoy this career. You will always have variety in your job depending on the different projects you work on. You will have the chance to meet new people daily and learn new things all of the time.

Once you have a lot of experience, you will be able to charge good money for your services and it can be lucrative. You can hire the people that you work best with and make big decisions for others. Once you are an expert in one industry, you can move on and learn a new one.