Mike Ruby – “Unapologetic”

„I wrote “Unapologetic” about that badass in your life who is just hella cool. Everyone knows that person – you either want to be them, or be with them. In this song, you finally see what everyone else sees, and start going down the slippery slope. 

This one was produced by Joel Stouffer. We started off with more of an upbeat, pulsing piano track with horns throughout, then changed the production around.

For the song’s video, we added in some plot twists to the story behind “Unapologetic.” In it, I find myself drawn to a girl with a very different personality from mine, her more into partying while I enjoy staying home and making music. When she’s driving over to pick me up, her car breaks down and she unexpectedly has the chance to take a joy ride, taking me along with her.

“Unapologetic” is a fun, feel-good track. I want you to throw it on and holler along with the hook! Let this song help you channel your inner badass. 

Thanks for checking the song out,“

Mike Ruby