Migrating to the US? Here’s Your Checklist to Prepare for Your Next Family Trip

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The thing about migrating to the US is that you have a lot to take care of. This applies to any other country you’re moving to. It will be even more difficult if you’re traveling with your whole family.

Hence, the last thing you want to happen is going through the hassle of forgotten things, documents, and basically, unpreparedness.

The best thing to prevent the said dilemmas is to prepare your checklist way before your trip. This is what we’re going to help you with in the following sections.

On a side note, make sure that you have already applied for a family visa if you have another family member that is a US resident. This will make it easier for you to go through the immigration process later on. We also suggest working with a professional lawyer to ensure the best results.

Going back, here is a brief guide on what to include in your checklist:

#1: Keep all passports, visas, and documents in one place.

The most important things that you should have are your travel documents. These include your passports, visas, and other documents like IDs.

If it’s a short visit, prepare at least one proof of identification for every family member you’re traveling with. For permanent residence or continuous migration, then you should make copies of papers like birth certificates, Social Security, and likes.

A good tip to follow is to keep the documents all in one place. For instance, you can first separate each of your companion’s documents in certain envelopes. You can compile them in one portfolio once organized.

#2: Pack essential medications.

Having an emergency stock of medications is essential. Prepare one for fever, colds, headaches, motion sickness, and digestive issues.

Don’t forget maintenance medicines, if any, for high blood pressure, asthma, and likes. Bring an epinephrine injection if any one of you has allergies. Prescriptions are also a must for antibiotics in case of emergencies.

If you’re traveling with a daughter, you should also prepare one for menstrual issues. Pack this along with a pad or tampon that they can readily use.

For quantity, take the number of your total companions into account. Consider storing them all in one container for easier access.

#3: Have enough essentials like toiletries and clothes.

No matter if your chosen accommodation guarantees that they have complete amenities and toiletries, you should still bring your own just in case. This is most especially if you’re picky with the products that you use on your hair and body.

For an overview, don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, hair products, and skincare, if any.

Aside from toiletries, pack enough clothes to get you through your activities. If you’re visiting in the winter, then make sure to bring warm clothes. Alternatively, bring refreshing clothes in the summer. You should also have extra sets in case you plan spontaneous bonding times. Undergarments should also be included in these.

Other essentials include chargers and powerbanks.

#4: Plan out itineraries.

Plan your itineraries and activities in advance to have an overview of how much money you need to prepare. Look for the tourist spots that you want to visit throughout your stay, search for covered tours, and check which requires a fee and which doesn’t.

Doing this will let you reserve tickets in advance and make your family trip fun yet organized. You also won’t have to worry about overspending in the long run.

#5: Bring snacks and reusable bottles.

Another thing, you should bring snacks along with reusable bottles that can last you for the whole trip. For snacks, you can bring biscuits, chips, and likes. Some airports don’t permit bringing foods with strong odors, so try to be wary of this.

Reusable bottles are also a must. This will help you keep good hygiene since you can’t fully be sure of the amenities you’ll use during your trip. It will also help you avoid health issues and dehydration.

#7: Reserve accommodations in advance.

Lastly, you should take care of your accommodations as soon as you confirm your flight dates. No matter if it’s a hotel, vacation home, apartment, or mortgage house, it’s best to reserve one for your whole family in advance. It’s best if it would be weeks or even months before.


Since you’re going to travel with your family, make sure that you are aware of what each of you packed. In this way, you can avoid issues with over-packing.

Once you already have everything in check weeks before your flight, then you can rest assured that your stay in the US will be worry-free.

Before you wrap up, take note of special needs if you have other conditions like traveling with a pet, needing a K3 visa (for spouses) or other kinds, and other relevant paperwork. This can be hard to follow through if you don’t know much about legal matters. If this is the case, then consider consulting with an immigration lawyer.