Miggy Milla unveils new single „Toxic“

Miggy Milla represents modern, confident pop with impressive global appeal. He’s known for anthemically led choruses that are emphasised by alternative beats and dance-infused sounds. Miggy’s new single, Toxic, is an alluring, overtly sexual release that boasts Miggy’s assertive vocals amidst intentionally unpredictable rhythm.

Miggy Milla grew up absorbing a variety of genres throughout his childhood before furthering his musical cravings at the Berklee College of Music, home to many Grammy Award-winning creatives. From then, Miggy took full force with releases Pretty Stranger and most recently, Tragedy. Tragedy marked a change in Miggy’s musical repertoire. It showcased a mature artist, facing a narrative of relationship breakdown and emotional distress.

Toxic is an enticing effort that showcases Miggy Milla’s charismatic vocal ability. Oozing a rhythmic and somewhat tense atmosphere, Toxic talks of the all-encompassing feeling of lust and ultimately, a love of danger. Miggy’s vibrant injection is sure to be another playlist staple to celebrate the end of 2019.

Miggy Milla says “I wanted to write something seductive, dark, but playful that people could relate to. That initial feeling you get after locking eyes with someone & not knowing what could come next. You’re confident, yet still cautious. Is it desire, love or just chasing a good time? That’s entirely up to you.”