Michael Craft’s New Photo eBook is certain to quench anyone’s thirst!

How do you satisfy someone’s thirst? Check out Michael Craft’s new eBook, Thirst Trap! The new book is a greatest hits of hot, naked men that Michael has shot over the years and couldn’t dare post to social media.
Michael created Thirst Trap during winter/spring when the Covid-19 pandemic began and he was in the middle of completing his next coffee table book, Unwrapped.
He decided under the circumstances it was best to put that project on hold and instead create a collection of favorite photographs that he has shot over the years with
the hotties who have posed in the past. These gorgeous models come from different backgrounds and nationalities. Some are  tall, slim, muscular, tattooed, hairless or
quite hairy. Michael is hoping people will embrace the mouthwatering diversity and appreciate the delectable photos whether it’s a flavor they prefer or something new 
they’d like to try. 
For over 25 years, Michael Craft has been capturing images and since childhood, he had always dreamed of being a photographer. He’s thrilled with the end result of putting
together this compilation of erotic photos. Michael has been filming short Thirst Trap Q&A Videos with some of the guys from the book. They can be viewed on his Instagram
page, personal and professional Facebook page and YouTube.
Thirst Trap will be available through Blurb, Friday, 8/14.