Men’s Outfit Ideas for a First Date by Paisley Hansen

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The last thing you men want to be worrying about when you’re about to go on a first date is what clothes you’re going to put on your back. Sure, it’s important to make a good impression, but with so many other more pressing things to worry about, it can’t make that much difference, right? Wrong! It may seem strange, but most women really do care a lot about what a guy’s wearing on a first date because that can really speak to his character. It may not make the difference between whether she’ll go out with you again or not, but it will push her impression of you one way or the other. Besides, a well-dressed man is so much more confident. Dressing right will help lessen the nervousness. So with that said, here are some good ideas for male first-date outfits. Don’t forget to tailor (pun intended) your outfit to the weather and the occasion as well.

Dark Jeans with a Dress Shirt

This is a classic outfit that never fails to please the ladies. It’s probably impossible to explain why, but women absolutely swoon over men with a collar on. It shows that they care enough to put on something they wouldn’t wear for a friend or an ordinary occasion. Besides, this outfit gives a guy an air of maturity while still highlighting his looks and his face.

Jeans/Slacks with a Sweater

Especially comfortable on a chilly day, pullovers or irish sweaters are great choices for a first date. This outfit gives a look of style while remaining maximally comfortable. You can wear a button-down underneath the sweater if you so choose, but you’ll still look dashing without it. Sweaters offer a lot of variety as well, coming in many different patterns, colors, and styles.

Sport Coat with Button-Down and Slacks

Men, especially younger men, have become somewhat notorious for disliking collars and blazers. But the truth is that an outfit like this one, while formal, can still be sporty and cool. Make sure the cut of your jacket fits your personal style. You can absolutely wear a tie if you want, but don’t feel like you have to. A blazer says style all on its own.A light-colored dress shirt with a dark coat and slacks is all you need to look your best self on a first date. Let us know how should a sport coat fit?

Polo and Khakis

Polos are great for when you don’t want to go all out on a formal dress shirt but still want to keep it sharp. While white polos are a popular choice, consider something a little darker- white gets stained pretty easy and that can be embarrassing. Khakis are a nice outdoorsy counterpart to the polo, but feel free to wear slacks or jeans as the occasion demands.

What You Should Always Wear

There are a few things you should pay attention to no matter what your first date outfit. One of these things is a watch. A watch is essential to a manly outfit because it gives off an air of being on top of things and it looks nice. Please don’t forget your socks! Always make sure your hair is combed and your shoes are clean. Put on something that makes you smell good! Women love that manly smell of cologne.

What You Should Never Wear

Although you can be pretty free with your first-date outfit, there are a few things you should never have on when you go. Don’t wear sandals or tennis shoes unless the occasion requires them. As far as shoes are concerned, you should always try to be formal. Avoid t-shirts with logos or writing. You don’t want to give off the wrong vibe accidentally.

Here you have a pretty good idea of what women like to see their date wearing on their first romantic outing. Of course, these rules aren’t universal and they’ll have to be tweaked for different circumstances, but you’re usually safe wearing something along these lines.