Memories of a Summer by JA Lafrance – Photography by Markus Brehm

Memories of a Summer

by JA Lafrance

„As the summer fades and memories of fun in the sun pass with each day growing colder. I look back at the fun I had, the memories of the love that was brought to me from him.
I remember a time when I chased him through the tall grass, tumbling to the ground as I capture him in my muscular arms, kissing him, showing him that to me this was the most precious time in my life.
I had fallen in love with his gentle whimpers as I kissed his full lips.

I am free amongst the tall grass, no stress as to what people will think of me. The sun beats down on my face as I finally opened my heart to the world I had so desperately tried to hide from.
The memories of being able to freely frolic in the warmth with the man beside me and not worry that people will throw their derogatory negativity at me.

The evenings we spent around the fire as we sit amongst our friends, him wrapped snuggle into the protection of my arms.

The laughter as the Campfire tales of journey’s that we plan to take, the love we plan to make and the freedom to sit with my friends and love the man that let me become the man I was truly meant to be.

Thank you summer for the fond memories, the love of my life and the freedom to finally accept that I am the person I am meant to be.

With the fall being here and the crisp cool air that it brings, it also brings with it reality.
I promised him that I would keep in touch with him and that I would work on a transfer but I knew that would take time.

I wrap him tightly in my arms as we stand in the airport waiting for my plane to arrive. I don’t say a word, but I let him seek his comfort from my lips and strength from my body.
As my plane number is announced he starts to cry. I close my eyes placing my head against his, whispering that this won’t end. Telling him that he is my freedom and I would never ever let that get away from me.
The hardest part about this summer was walking away from the one man that made me believe that the truest of love does exist.

This trip to England will leave me with something I never thought I would find, the freedom to be me.“

Story by:
Internationally published multi genre Canadian Author JA Lafrance
IG @ja_lafrance
Photography by:
Markus Brehm
IG @mbmodelphotography
Steffen Kuegler

IG @thearmedangel