MB&F x Eddy Jaquet – a series of eight unique pieces inspired by the novels of Jules Verne

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Eddy Jaquet, an incredibly talented master engraver and one of the many unsung independent subcontractors of our industry. Our friendship with Eddy goes back a while: he has been engraving the flowing script you see on our Legacy Machines for almost a decade – but that’s just a tiny hint of his artistic talent.

Eddy’s transformative touch can turn a watch – in this case, our Legacy Machine Split Escapement – into a rich storytelling tapestry. The Jules Verne theme came very naturally to Maximilian Büsser three years ago, during a brainstorming session; the celebrated author is one of the inspirations behind our Legacy Machine collection. Coincidentally, Eddy happened to be an expert on the subject. After reading (or re-reading) about 60 of his novels, he selected eight that he then synthesised into entirely original illustrations, intricate tableaux of key moments from the stories. According to Jaquet, the project of a lifetime – for the first time, a series where he had virtually unlimited artistic freedom.

Each novel is directly engraved on the LM SE movement’s dial plate, modified to 18K white gold for this series of eight unique pieces. Each piece comes in an 18K red gold case, with a redesigned slimmer bezel and openworked subdials offering a fuller view of Eddy’s masterpieces.