„“Fired Up” is about that initial, frustrating, exhilarating part of new love. You’re not sure what’s going on, but you know you want it enough to be brave and say it. No bullshit. All in. 

The focus of the Fired Up EP went well beyond the lyrics. There was a strong focus on the arrangements; with a full string quartet, horn section and live background singers, each song should sound like it belongs in another era. Produced by my sonic guide, Gil Masuda, the recording experience was exhausting but fantastic. Taking on such an ambitious project was challenging, but we achieved the juicy live sound I was striving for.

“Fired Up” is meant to make you move, uplift you. Feel the joy. I’d love for you to hear all my hard work, the long hours, my pain, my suffering, blah blah blah – but, ultimately, if what you hear makes you happy, smile, dance around a little and forget your own long hours and suffering? Then my music has done its job. 

The limited edition 7” of my Fired Up EP is available for preorder, mailing out today!

Grab your copy via my Bandcamp now.

Thanks so much for listening. Can’t wait for you to hear the rest of these new songs!“