MATTIS – „Fade Into Myself“

Mattis is a distinctive and very recognizable artist who has proven his unique skillset for years. His deep voice combined with a controlled falsetto sets the scene in a universe of strong songwriting and catchy tunes. After releasing “To The Rhythm” in May 2019 the 6’8″ former punk rocker is now ready to release his next powerful song “Fade Into Myself”. A song that has equal amounts of rock attitude and pop elements while capturing one of the most essential and relevant topics of our time.

Mattis’ own words about his upbeat second single:
Fade Into Myself is about loneliness in the sense of never being present where you are. It’s about spending time looking into your phone instead of appreciating the moment and it’s about living in a world that constantly tries to get you away from the present – tries to take you away from all that really matters and all there ever will be: The moment right here right now. The music video is also inspired by these themes. The hands and the shadow girl in the nightmare are all the things and feelings that are trying to get your attention and make you feel trapped in your own world, waking up alone, never really sleeping, never really awake.

The song might be punk and upbeat but behind it all are all these melancholic feelings of being in a state of mind and a world you just want to break free from.