Marketing tips you should implement

Photo by FOX from Pexels

Younger generation consumers expect brands to support diversity and inclusion, both in front of and behind the cameras. This is what the Deloitte report reveals that inspired this article! Your target audience is changing. It is now made up of consumers of various origins, genders or sexual orientations. To establish an effective and lasting relationship with customers, brands must therefore make these elements appear in their marketing messages. Alignment of your teams and suppliers with your target market. Your internal and external teams can help reduce the cultural, demographic and sociological gap between your brand and its customers. On your social networks or via your newsletter, highlight the diversity of your team, your commitments to minorities, but also the inclusive commitments of your suppliers.

Reorganization of your campaigns

They must bear the voices and faces of your audience’s commitments (ecology, body-positive, equity, etc.) This point has been perfectly illustrated by Dove for years. The brand often shows women of different sizes and ethnicities in its ads, to include its entire audience. Recently, Dove even launched a “Beauty Without Retouch” campaign to promote self-esteem and take action against the dictates of beauty, which are often non-inclusive.

Employees as brand ambassadors

According to a PwC study, 46% of consumers abandon a brand if its employees are not well informed. Not to mention that a bad attitude of employees prevents visitors from converting. Never forget that your teams are the human face of your business. To make them ambassadors in 2022:

  • Offer them training for a better knowledge of your products.
  • Allow them to post content about your business culture, products and services: help them by providing a guide and ready-made posts to share on social media.
  • Showcase their expertise by inviting them to write articles for the blog, interview them in videos, present their profile on social networks, etc.
  • Let’s take big brands that take streaming and video marketing very closely. They work directly with the streamers for instance and these streamers are promoting the product/brand as a brand ambassador. Twitch is the best place to get sponsorship like this. You can buy Twitch viewers, stay very relevant to the content (niche-space) and increase the engagement.