Louis Gabriel Nouchi, autumn-winter 2019
Paris, France


The LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi Autumn/Winter 2019 collection sourced inspiration from American writer, Norman Mailer’s 1983 novel ‘Ancient Evenings’, which explores the journey of reincarnation in Ancient Egypt. The novel also serves as a base for the film, ‘River of Fundament’, directed by artist Matthew Barney, which examines the decline of the automobile industry in Detroit.

Both of these monumental works describe a quest for spirituality, the work of life to prepare for what is beyond it and the place of material in this quest.

The collection finds itself dissecting the dialogue between classic suits and workwear. The stars dotted throughout the collection echo those which line ancient tombs as well as old car radiators, the modern sarcophagi of our daily vehicles. The prints (leopard, tartan and skull) combined with the precious metal talismans created as accessories, situate the collection between ostentatious opulence, grunge aesthetics and symbols of power.

The richly sculptured and layered approach to silhouette within the collection is one which mirrors the approach of a traveller carrying as much as possible with them wherever they go, without really knowing the destination.

Designer : Louis-Gabriel Nouchi
Styling: Nassim Derbihk

Make-up Artist: Vanessa Bellini
Hair: Yann Turchi
Music: Sara Zinger
Art Direction : Adrien Simon Poznanski Production in collaboration with Lisa Delmas