London based brand NOIR|LDN

Dr Bilal Ali is a Medical doctor who founded the  London based brand NOIR|LDN a few months ago. Dr Ali has always been affiliated with fashion and has had interest in clothes from a young age. He draws influence from his mother and sister who both have a deep love for fashion.

NOIR|LDN was created out of an amalgamation of Dr Bilal Ali’s interest in fashion and as he states, “my desire to explore my creativity and to be part of a phenomenal industry that influences us all in some way”

The ideal consumer for NOIR|LDN caters to a variety of demographics from young teens to people in their early 40’s. It is the quality, design and variety that brings in multiple consumers.

“For me personally, I believe that a brand has to strike a deeper meaning with it’s consumer rather than just a superficial cord. It is important that a brand helps to empower a consumer in a positive manner whether giving them self-confidence, happiness or sense of identity in being associated with wearing a particular brand. NOIR|LDN will always endeavor to be part of this process and give our consumers an avenue to portray their identity through self expression of their individual fashion choices” – Dr Bilal