Liam Maye released huge debut single ‘Take It All’

Born and raised in Chicago and now based in Bern, Switzerland, twenty-one year old Liam Maye started off writing songs on his guitar at the age of 15. Over the past few years he has been honing his sound and production skills, finding ways to package his extraordinary ideas.

Growing up between cultures and countries has certainly helped this prolific artist finding his very own niche in today’s pop music scene. Inspired by The Weekend’s productions, Michael Jackson’s performance and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ energy, the young man’s music bridges the gap between all different kinds of genres and finds its common ground in his unique voice.

Written at night time in his grandparent’s house with everyone already asleep, Liam Maye is now more than excited to present his debut single to the world. He describes the meaning of the song as follows:

“To me ‘Take It All’ is about learning to trust someone. Like, when you’re into someone and you don’t really know how it’s gonna turn out. It’s about giving someone the power to have an impact on your life and then seeing where that takes you. I wrote about this, because sometimes I found that I was afraid of letting someone close to me on an emotional level, which may lead to missing out on opportunities that could eventually become something very meaningful. It’s really about trying to give someone everything and then seeing what they do with it.”

Next to sitting in his room, honing his skills as a songwriter, Liam has also been on the road with some of the most successful musicians from Switzerland. He learned a lot, opening shows and singing backing vocals at venues such as the Postfinance Arena in Bern and Hallenstadion in Zurich. Liam Maye is confident in performing shows as a solo artist as well as with a full band.