“Easy Love”was written by Leon, along with his longtime collaborator JT Bangs, and while the song may give off a cheery vibe, it’s a deceptively dark pop anthem. The new song discusses a time when Else used sex as a way to escape a dark period in his life, ensuing a vicious cycle that ultimately left a feeling of emptiness. Leon, an advocate of the mental health community, recently started his blog “I’m Not Crazy I Don’t Think” in an effort to start a conversation and join the fight to destigmatize mental health. He seeks to educate people through his blog, which also includes personal stories from guest writers (artists, psychologists, etc.).

Leon explains “This song is a reflection of a period in my life where I felt everything was falling apart, and sex became something that was like a drug to me. I used sex as a way of escapism to try and forget the pain of what was happening around me, and it became a monster I needed to continue to feed. The more sex I had, the more I needed it.  It would always make me feel worse after, leaving me with an unsatisfied come down, which would lead me to have sex again to make myself feel better. I was constantly chasing a sexual high all the while knowing it wasn’t the answer. It felt like I was losing a piece of myself to every man I had sex with. It was a self-destructive time for me.” 

Having already amassed 20 million streams for songs including ‘My Kind Of Love’ (which featured in the Netflix smash 13 Reasons Why.”) and ‘Cheap Hotel’, while his version of ‘Titanium’ was heralded by Sia as the “best yet.” He’s even been named as Best Dressed Man by GQ and appeared in the film ‘Nine’ alongside Nicole KidmanPenélope Cruz and Daniel Day-LewisLeon Else continues to attract attention with his rich, soulful voice, heartbreakingly vulnerable lyrics and electric physicality. Armed with an arsenal of tunes with singalong melodies and lyrics stripped of pretenses, he’s primed to become of the most thrilling voices in progressive pop.

Leon Else began writing and recording music at the age of 12 to serve as an escape from his rocky upbringing. Interested in all of the arts, Leon saved his money to attend dance school, and over the years has performed in Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet ‘Winter Dreams’ and musicals including ‘Sinatra’ and Oklahoma!’. But Leon decided to leave the dance world to pursue music, and his earliest songs drew the attention of iconic artists such as Elton John.

After struggling in silence for 27 years of his life with his mental health, Leon sought help. He is now reclaiming his independence as an artist and individual and creating music he feels is authentic to himself. Leon released his first song of 2019 “Change Up” in April, along with Signs” in early May. His video for his song “Beautiful World”, also released in May, depicts Leon’s personal mental health journey. Leon has been featured in Billboard, PAPER Magazine, Attitude, People Magazine, VH1 and Galore and is managed by First Access Entertainment.