Larry Konah – Top Model Interview

Name: Larry Konah


Height 6”2

Home town:Atlanta

Agency: tlondon agency

Instagram: prettyboylarryy

1.How i got into modeling – I was just taking pictures for fun at the beginning and every one was saying should model so I started taking is serious but I always loved fashion.

2.when I’m not modeling I’m either playing basketball or hanging out with friends.

3. The most spontaneous thing I ever done was probably going to the farm for the first it was different for because I wasn’t use to it.

4. The thing I like about social media  is probably the people I met through social and making art with my pictures and the thing I hate about social media is probably the hate but I learned if you don’t have haters you’re not doing anything right.

5.To do describe my style I would say street and some times fancy. Favorite brands are Louis Vuitton, Dior, Nike and Revenge Storm

6. To describe me in 3 words different, spontaneous and out going

7. My roots best thing about my home town Atlanta is probably the weather and the food

8. A celebrity I would like to get naughty with is Rubi Rose

9.My special talents are playing basketball ,styling and Designing

10.Most interesting thing online is fashion to me.