LAHOS ft. Nina Chuba – „Regrets (better in my bed)“

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How about some more commitment? With his new single »Regrets (Better In My Bed)«, Lahos pokes fun at all those who like to take things especially easy: Some sex as a snack? Sure, bring it on! Just please nothing serious, no questions, and also no deep talk – after all, that would make it binding. As a female counterpart, the Berlin based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has commissioned Nina
Chuba, in whose voice he found exactly the kind of vibe that he felt this challenging track needed. »We can keep it cool, it’s hot enough at night!«, she sings, cheekily navigating her way around any form of commitment.
Generally speaking, Lahos also avoids anything all too binding – in his own way:

Following his latest emotional releases »Bomb« and »All By Myself«, which the musician dropped in spring – to everyone’s delight, »Regrets« once again manifests his versatility. The captivating music video with its controversial, erotically charged setting and exaggerated imagery perfectly complements the song and enhances it
by adding yet another elaborately surreal dimension.

With the help of his trumpet, Lahos played his way into the spotlight and initially dedicated himself fully to techno, before releasing his first own songs under this alias in 2019. He’s been solely doing his own thing as a producer ever since. His levels of versatility and innovation are unmatched and with »Regrets« he continues to be a hot candidate for stylistic twists, turns, and surprises.