Kim Cameron and Side FX – Tighter

Kim Cameron is one of the top multi charting Dance Music Artists in the world! This multi talented musician, children’s book author and now film maker who has a children’s animation movie coming out; has been busy at work with 2 new songs and a music video just out. Kim gives Electro Dance Pop unlike any other!

A lyrical song of contradictions with a musical electronic style to match. Using a funk beat mixed with live Latin percussion, female vocals float on top with crazy high harmonies, a big pre chorus and hook. The love story speaks of removing all barriers to find each other in the highest, deepest love. Perfect rhythms for high energy dance floors. Live conga’s give this track a latin dance feel. The video was shot in Las Vegas with aerial views of the Strip, High Roller and street scenes of the city that never sleeps, playing off the song’s theme “climbing down into you.”