Khristian – Fresh Face Model Interview

Name: Khristian
Age: 21
Height: 170
Hometown: Vigo
Instagram: @Khristian_roca

1. How did you get into modeling?

I have introduced myself in this world through friends and acquaintances that motivated me to do it

2. What are you doing if you are not modeling?

I’m a hairdresser, and a student, I hope to enter to study law shortly;) I am passionate

3. The most spontaneous/difficult/strange thing you’ve ever done?

the most difficult thing is always the day to day and to stay constant in the struggle to achieve your goals

4. What do you love on Social Media? – What do you hate on Social Media?

I love being an inspiration for people in this type of networks, and I can help with my photos to make people happier, as everything has a negative side … haters

5. Describe your personal style – Favorite Brands/Fragrance?!

As for my style it is very changeable, I love trying new styles as well as brands, more than identifying myself with only one, I identify with the clothes. one million is definitely my favorite fragrance

6. Describe yourself in 3 words:

smart, daring, crazy

7. Where are your roots – The best thing about/to do in your hometown?

The beach

8. Name one celebrity youd like to get naughty with!

Dominic Sherwood

9. Do you have any special Talents?

my special ability is empathy and protecting and caring for the people around me

10. What is the most interesting thing online at the moment?

The clothes hahaha and meet people