Justin Jesso – „If you’re meant to come back“

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A warm and intimate take on placing your trust in the guiding hand of fate, Justin Jesso’s latest track ‘If You’re Meant To Come Back’ has made a powerful impact on fans. Having quickly exceeded 3 million streams, Justin now shines fresh light on the track by sharing its official video.

The video’s concept is simple yet emotionally compelling. A single red balloon drifts into the sky and embarks upon a world tour at the height of lockdown. From Berlin to Milan to Justin’s home of Chicago, bustling cities now stand desolate, their emptiness a haunting yet also beautiful representation of a world on pause.

The video also offers an imaginative twist on the song’s meaning. Originally conceived as being about a relationship, it also represents the moment that we’re living through. At some point in the future, these places will once again become just as vibrant as they once were.

“I always want to put out content that hits people emotionally,” says JustinThis song is about trusting the universe and knowing that if that lover you have lost or that friend you can’t see, if it is meant to be, then they will come back to you. All the love in this world that is meant to come back to you, it will.”

“Covid hit, making shooting a traditional video pretty much impossible,” he adds. “I wanted to show the world as it was in the time of Corona, and since I couldn’t travel myself, I sent a little red balloon instead. I find the Chicago footage, shot by Eddie Rogriguez, particularly beautiful.”