Inspired by the film, “Good Time,” and iconic television series, “The Sopranos,” the video for “Neon” was filmed in an empty warehouse and in Julian’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

Julian explains, “This is an anthem for the ADHD generation. A song that dares to dive into multiple different sonic landscapes and still maintain a thematic and melodic through-line. My own private bohemian rhapsody. The video attempts to mirror this and augment the sporadic nature of the tune. It’s a drug fueled youthful odyssey. I’m coming up.”

“Neon” will be included on Julian’s forthcoming 12-track record Mala Noche out later this year, that he composed, wrote and produced in its entirety. The new track follows “Mess,” alongside the music video which Julian also conceptualized and self-directed.

With Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed as his greatest inspirations, 21-year-old Julian Lamadrid has grown up on a steady diet of music, literature and film. At 18, he moved to New York City, citing films as ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Midnight Cowboy’ as reasons to enroll in New York University’s film school. Writing and producing along the way, Julian grew frustrated by societal pressure to create data driven and social media-focused art. In turn, he set out to take a risk and record a 12-track album that will be released later this year. Written and recorded in Brooklyn, the record is titled Mala Noche – meaning ‘Bad Night’ in Spanish – the aural depiction of a recurring scene from Julian’s life in New York.

Bobbing and weaving somewhere between new wave, bedroom pop, hip hop, 80s synth and British Rock, Julian’s music feels like the voice of a generation trying to find a sliver of joy through the lines of their loneliness. His vocals swim in lush synth pads, big melodies and major chords to communicate a feeling of desperation and frustration within this hectic and exhausting world. Written and produced by Julian, with its visual content self-directed as well, the richness of his perspective creates an audible pathway towards the future of pop music.