„I wrote this song about the feelings you get when you’re swiping on Tinder. It can be thrilling when you see someone that you really wanna get to know. “GOLD” is all about finding love when you’ve given up on the idea.  

Sebastian Valiente and I co-produced the song. It was a quick, exciting process. We went into the studio and Sebastian started plugging away with the beat while I wrote the tune. Within an hour, the first draft was done! To be honest, very little changed from that recording to the final that you can hear today.

For years, I’ve performed as a dancer-choreographer alongside industry powerhouses including Marianas Trench, PSY, Carly Rae Jepsen, Janel Parrish, Kreesha Turner, and Kirk Franklin. Throughout all of this, my heart was always set on writing music.

In 2019, I’m shifting my focus and aiming to release new music every two months. Keep an ear out for more!“


Cred: Hush Club Studio