John Wood – The Tri-Athlete by Markus Brehm

John Wood, 32, is a British athlete, based in Bristol, England.
He swam for Great Britain from the age of 16 to 19.
John took up triathlon from the age of 21 and represented Team GB at age-group / masters level from the age of 24 to 30.
Coaching, swimming and triathlon became his work and his passion.
John currently runs a business coaching and assisting athletes to achieve whatever level of performance they target.
Outside of sport and training he loves live comedy and music, though no talent at either.
He really enjoys cooking and has been modelling for the last 6 years (‘kind of fell into it and really enjoy it as a way to be creative’).
John was fortunate to have been part of a commercial for Issey Miyake 4 years ago which got him featured on National Television in the UK.
He says in an ideal world he would love to do a major sporting campaign.
Model: JOHN WOOD (@johnwoodmodelling)
Photographer: MARKUS BREHM (@mbmodelphotography)
Underwear by DIESEL
Underwear by BLUEBUCK (supplied by @menandunderwear)
Underwear by CODE22 (supplied by @menandunderwear)