Joan Exposito Núñez – „Nature Guy II“ shot by Seigar

This photo-narrative series continues a project that shows guys connecting with nature as a way to explore the concept of new masculinities. This time the yellow color tones bring some warmth to the guy. There is also a very intimate feel in the photos reinforced by his loneliness, look, makeup, and the elements presented. This is my second work with a participant of Mister Canarias Online, a local male beauty contest (@mrcanarion) with an inclusive approach, „for all type of men“ is part of their philosophy. I’m interested in exploring new masculine roles to show inclusivity, and this contest is the right channel for it. This is a new path in my photographic work that I’m excited to take from a pop prism.

Team Credits:
Creative director and photographer: Seigar @jseigar
Model: Joan Exposito Núñez @joancexnu
MUA and assistant: Ángel Hernández @iamcandyporcelain @porci.muah
Beauty Contest: Mister Canarias Online: @mrcanarion
Mister Canarias Online Organizer: Aridani Gil @gilaridani