Jnel – „Ticking Clocks“ ft Kyra Grove

„Ticking Clocks“ is the third single from Jnel, artist pseudonym of LA-Native Justin Nelson. In the track, Grove’s sultry vocals delicately thread Jnel’s chimerical production. The head-bobbing drop is characterized by brass instruments and melodic synthesized chords.

I teamed up with vocalist Kyra Grove to deliver feelings of nostalgia and hope. In the middle of a big transition phase in my life, I wanted to write a song that captured the feeling of wanting to be a care-free kid again. I think most people can relate to a period in their young life where you’re pretty oblivious to the world around you, everything just seems to “work”, and there’s at least one special person you’re experiencing that feeling with.

I wrote this really tender, nostalgia-inducing chord progression on the piano that captured that feeling perfectly. But I didn’t want the story to end there; I wanted the track to make it seem like you can find your way back to that special feeling again. That’s what inspired the powerful melodic brass section to come in at the drop. I think it brings an entirely different type of energy to the song, but does a good job of complementing the tender chord progression.

I sent the instrumental off to Kyra, and when she passed back the vocal demo I was blown away. We ended up iterating on lyrics for 8 months until we had everything just as we wanted it; in the end, we felt like we had really told a story. I think the fact that over half of the lyrics in the song are questions is very unique and special; it’s like Kyra is asking herself and the listener questions, is desperately wanting an answer, but the only response she gets is the music
– describes Nelson on the new tune.