Jaunt – On Your Mind

„We have been deep in the sonic sauce and wanted to put something out that’s a little different than what you might typically expect from us. “On Your Mind”  is Timbaland programming circa 2002. It’s Arthur Russell lyrical sincerity. It’s another permutation of the ever shape-shifting Jaunt.

Making the video for “On Your Mind” was much less involved than making the song. The initial idea started with some simple chords and a melody recorded at our friend Alex’s studio well over a year ago. The initial approach was to make something super simple, but as we tend to do, we Jaunt-ed* it. 🙂

*Jaunt-ed [jawnt-ed, jahnt-ed]


reworked an idea over and over to the point of insanity while having attempted to reign in your wildest tendencies.

We figured this would be a good moment to share “On Your Mind” before we start rolling out a larger album-length collection of songs later this year….maybe Fall? Feeling pretty jazzed about it! Stay tuned!“