Japanese R&B star Michel Ko releases EP ‚Bleu‘ + video for „Deja Vu‘

About ‘Mind Games’ ft. Tommi Crane

Featuring fellow Solgasa crew member Tommi Crane, this vibey trap-infused song focuses on the problems in a relationship with the girl playing  “Mind Games” with the guy, not wanting to give too much but at the same time showing interest in the guy, leading the guy to be confused about their standing in the relationship. This song also sees michel using autotune as a way to alter his voice to give a bigger impact on the chorus of the song.

About “Bleu” the EP:

Being that this is the first project that I release, I wanted this to be an introduction to who I am as an artist. The color blue really fits my image and the overall vibe of my songs. So instead of calling my first EP “michel ko: Introduction”, I chose a color that represents not only me but also my music. Furthermore, I named the EP “bleu “ and not “blue” as a homage to Frank Ocean, who is one of my biggest inspirations, and his album “Blonde”.

About Michel Ko

michel ko is a 21 year old R&B/ Pop artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in a multi-cultural background, michel ko speaks English, Japanese and Mandarin. He often incorporates both Mandarin and Japanese in his mainly English songs to try to create a new unique sound with his long-time and frequent collaborator producer KRICK.

On January 8, 2020 michel ko released “Princess”, a lofi-pop song which saw him begin to gain traction amongst listeners. He followed this release with “Time” a groovy R&B/Dance song with fellow Solgasa member Wez Atlas and producer KRICK. “Time” was featured on numerous Spotify Editorial Playlists including “Weekly Buzz”, “Spotify Japan Velocity Chart” and “Tokyo Rising”. He then released “Diamond in the Sky”, accompanied with “Timeline” and “GONE”, again being featured on numerous Spotify Editorial Playlists.

He is part of the newly-formed creative group Solgasa consisting of Wez Atlas, Tommi Crane and VivaOla.