James Alphonse – „Crazy For You“

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„“Crazy For You“ is a pop/electronic banger about love, loss and regret.
When you finally love and lose love, sometimes it becomes easier to see things in a new way.
In university, I enjoyed getting to know different people to see if it felt right; I was slow to know. One day, it seemed like the right person came along and I was finally ready to pour myself into a real relationship, but the other person wasn’t there with me.
I recognized then what it may have been like for those who dated me thinking it could’ve gotten more serious, when I wasn’t ready, so this song is an apology to them.
Throw this song on while you’re alone, reflecting on lessons you’ve learned. Karma, right?

If you’ve been on the receiving end of this, I hope you listen knowing that people like me eventually grow up and regret it, while being grateful for your patience.

Thanks for spending time with this song,“

James Alphonse