Jack Walton releases new pop anthem “We Are Golden”

Jack Walton’s first release of 2019 ‘We Are Golden’ is a powerful statement of self-belief, urging listeners to be true to themselves.

With heartfelt lyrics and breath-taking vocal delivery, Jack weaves uplifting lyrics around heartfelt guitar playing, contemporary electronic beats and skilful production. Drawing from influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Prince, Justin Bieber and Paolo Nutini, Jack fuses electronic and acoustic elements to create an unparalleled sound that’s truly his own. “We Are Golden” is the first taste of Jack’s hotly-anticipated debut album, Stolen Hearts & Stolen Cars, scheduled for release in 2019. The track will be accompanied by a music video, filmed in London and released on 7th February.

Jack says: “This song is about standing alone with the truth. Stripping away all the noise of life, searching until you find the gold in everyone. “We Are Golden is all about believing in yourself, and having the determination to be true to yourself and realise dreams.”

Jack Walton has been writing and recording original music since the age of 11, initially refining his talents as a performer while playing gigs around his hometown of Castleford. Since finding fame on The X Factor 2014, Jack Walton has established himself as an accomplished solo artist and an exceptionally talented songwriter and performer in his own right, receiving support from Louis Tomlinson. After being scouted by several major labels, Jack decided to sign with indie imprint and production house The House of Nanchang, where he would maintain complete creative control over his music: he is passionate about writing music that he can believe in.

Jack’s thoughtfully crafted songs have earned him consistent acclaim from critics and fans alike: he has been praised for his reflective lyrics and natural musical talent. Not only is Jack a talented vocalist, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, playing several instruments across his recordings.

Since his television debut, he has shared a series of singles that show a gifted artist developing a unique and powerful sound: most recently, the romantic EP “Runaway” and the pop-focused single “Kept Me Safe”. “We Are Golden”, his latest single and the first to be released from his upcoming debut album Stolen Hearts & Stolen Cars, has established his presence in the UK pop world as a fresh and vital talent with a promising future ahead.

“My favourite thing about making music is knowing that someone you don’t even know might be moved by something you’ve written and performed.” – Jack Walton