Jack Rose Releases Video for Urban Pop Track ‚Better On My Own‘

Singer-songwriter Jack Rose is aiming to once again enjoy worldwide chart success with his brand-new single, “Better On My Own”, a track which looks to cement him as one of the brightest young talents on the UK music scene. Already at this early stage, Jack Rose is being championed and hailed in the media as beingthe UK’s equivalent of a young Justin Timberlake with his proven all-round singer-songwriter and acting skills coupled in with his easy on the eye looks and a pure likability factor. A young raw talent and hardworking performer, Jack has clocked up over 250 live shows and has built up a huge loyal following on social media. His stunning new single, “Better On My Own”, a collaboration with Northeast based production duo, SK, is based on a real-life relationship experience and features the unmistakable hook line of Annie Lennox’s iconic song, “No More I Love You’s”.

The positive, yet subliminal message of the song is that there are times in life when we all need to walk away from a toxic relationship for the good of our own mental health and although you may not realise at that moment in your life, in time you’ll heal and be better on your own.

The new single, backed by a host of name top remixes (Billy Da Kid, Dots Per Inch, Morlando and more) looks set to eclipse his last hit European single and firmly establish Jack as one of the hottest, freshest new talents on the block.