Increase your Property Value with a Paving Stone Makeover by Mia Ackerson


There are many renovations that can help increase a home’s value. There are just as many that can provide an aesthetic upgrade for a home. However, you won’t find many makeovers that effectively do both. Unless, of course, you opt for a paving stone makeover. There’s a reason why so many homeowners have chosen to install pavers for their home’s outdoor surfaces. More and more people are moving away from classic designs made from concrete and instead choosing pavers as their first choice. If you’re wondering why this is, here are some notable benefits to consider.

Installation Is Pretty Simple

Most home modifications are likely to give you a headache halfway through the process. Whether there’s a problem in logistics or acquiring materials, something is bound to come up. This isn’t the case when choosing stone pavers.

It’s a pretty straightforward process that doesn’t have too many complicated elements. The installation doesn’t take too long, and there are no finishing touches that need to be applied. Once the pavers are installed, you have a stone patio, walkways, or driveway ready for use. It’s immediately finished, unlike materials like concrete, which require weeks to settle. No mortar is needed to set the stones, which makes the wait even shorter.

It’s One of the Most Durable Surfaces

There are a number of benefits that come with installing pavers, but the most important among them is durability. If you live in a state that is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, you probably don’t want your driveway or patio to be built from a material that will quickly crumble. Instead, you want something that will be durable enough to survive an earthquake intact.

While surfaces made out of asphalt and concrete will crack and weather during variable weather and earthquakes, pavers will remain strong. Pavers use an interlocking system that allows the material to flex and move during earthquakes. This flexibility, along with the ease at which they can be fixed makes pavers an ideal option for areas that are prone to earthquakes.


There Are Countless Options to Choose from

When laying surfaces like concrete, you’re pretty much stuck with one option. There isn’t much variety in terms of materials used or textures. When it comes to stone pavers, the contrast is like night and day. There’s really no limit to what you can do with them, as there’s a wide variety of options to choose from.
Stones come in all sorts of shapes and textures. You can choose from materials such as flagstone, cobblestone, tumbled, and many more. The colors and tones that come with them can be changed as well. Many homeowners will choose cobblestone for their driveways, while others might choose tile stone pavers for patios. It all depends on your preference, and there’s really no limit to what you can do. As long as you find some combination that works with your home design, you’re pretty much set for your project.

There’s a Massive Aesthetic Appeal

Stone pavers provide your home with increased value with minimal effort. They also provide quite a bit of aesthetic value, as stone pavers can be designed in a variety of ways. Most homeowners will stick with a simple pattern, but there’s no reason you can’t get creative.

By using different color and shape combinations, you can create some of the most interesting and unique patterns for your driveway or patio. This can emphasize your home’s style and add a little charm to the surface. Compare this to concrete, which is usually pretty uniform, and it’s easy to see why so many homeowners prefer stone pavers. It’s the finishing touch for your ideal front or backyard.


A paving stone makeover is just what many homes need to refresh their look and aesthetic. It’s a simple upgrade that any homeowner can introduce to their home. Best of all, it allows homeowners to add some creative touches that would match their home’s design and boost the value, all the while not costing them a lot of money.

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Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based writer. Loves writing about home decorations and home improvements. She’s also interested in reading books, movies, music, baking, and gardening. You can follow her on twitter.