How to Throw a Memorable Birthday Party by Peter Minkoff

No matter if you’re planning a mind-blowing birthday bash for yourself or if you’re throwing a surprise party for one of your friends, you’ll probably need some help. Organizing a memorable event isn’t an easy task, especially if you really want to go all out with the activities, drinks and food. So, here are a few guidelines to help you.

Pre-game like a pro

Every good party starts at home, so make sure to set everything up before the guests arrive. You’ll need plenty of drinks and food to feed your hungry boys and get them into the right mood to kill the evening. You know your birthday boy the best, so you know what kind of drinks to get, but you can’t go wrong with beer and spirits for cocktails. Make sure the drinks are chilled though—no one wants to sip on a lukewarm beer.

Prepare some food

You need a good foundation for all that alcohol, so make sure to order or prepare some food. If you’re organizing an all-day event, you can even put some burgers, hot dogs and steaks on the grill. Everyone loves a BBQ and you can’t mess things up too much, no matter how bad of a cook you are. If you don’t want to cook, hire a caterer and just relax. Additionally, make sure to have a cake—you’re never too old to have a cake! Think about 2.5 kg of cake for 30 people if you want to be on the safe side so that everyone can enjoy a piece and start the evening with something sweet.

Organize the ride

Safety always comes first, no matter how young and wild you are. So, make sure to surprise your guests with some fancy wheels! You can book a limo and arrive in style or rent a party bus and have a super fun ride to your destination. There are various different themed buses to choose from, from lux to completely crazy and fun ones, so you’re bound to find something that will fit your birthday party.

Get the party started

If you’re planning a classic birthday that’s unhinged and a bit dirty, opt for good old adult entertainment and visit a strip joint. Most big cities have a good offer for gentlemen’s entertainment, but if you live in Sydney, you’re truly in luck. There are amazing Sydney strip clubs that offer all sorts of interesting events and shows and they are super friendly to all types of crowds. This is the 21st century and strip clubs are no longer reserved only for guys. All your friends are welcome! You’re bound to have so much fun and feast your eyes on some hot people.

Book a VIP booth

When you spend all your tip money in the strip club, it’s time to go dancing! Hitting the dance floor is the best part of every night out, so make sure to pick a club with all your or your birthday boy’s fave tunes. When you get tired, you can catch your breath at the VIP booth and wet your throat with ice-cold champagne.

Snap plenty of photos

Even though you’re bound to remember this amazing birthday forever, it’s always a great idea to snap plenty of photos and record some videos. If you have an especially talented Instagram bro among you, you can list him as your designated photographer. You can even dress in matching T-shirts or find props to make your photos super fun. Memories like these are truly precious and you’ll love to go through your crazy photos when you’re older!

Now that you know where to start, organizing a wild birthday party will be a piece of cake. Make sure to send out invitations early and all your best mates will come to make your special day even more special and crazy!