How To Throw A Fancy Dinner Party And Amaze Your Friends by Jasmine Anderson

No matter the season, the weather, the cause, or the day of the week, whenever we entertain, we strive to do our best and make it a fabulous event. Once you have decided that you are going to organize a dinner party, there are numerous things to take into consideration. From what food to prepare, what kind of cocktails and drinks to serve, what music to play, and so on. It doesn’t have to sound so overwhelming, but fun and enthralling activity both for you and your friends. If you are still wondering how to throw a fantastic dinner party a wow your friends, thing no more and read on.

Bare Necessities

Let’s start with a few nifty basics. Before you head off to get groceries for your fancy dinner, there are some simple but extravagant things to consider to spice up the event. Firstly, get some flowers. Seasonal or not, they are really classy and when you place them either in the vase or in front of the plate as a decorative plate ornament, everybody will be delighted. Next, make sure that you use proper dinnerware and glassware. Only serve white or red wine in appropriate glasses, as well as water or juices. The same is for appetizers. Change plates as you move towards the main meal and dessert. And above all, don’t use paper napkins, but place elegant linen ones. Linen cloth napkins will totally set the tone.

Kickoff with various appetizers

In order to spruce up the atmosphere, and give your guest a slight hint what you have installed for them, you should start with the appetizer. Soup is a great starter option because everybody loves soup and it is obviously a wonderful comfort food. Potato and leek soup is extremely juicy served either hot or cold. If you are feeling more creative you can make finger food. Anything from bite-sized cheese truffles, pigs in a blanket, prosciutto bruschetta, to the classic chicken salad tarts and mini sandwiches. If that is too much work alongside everything else, know that some of these foods can be prepared the day before, and baked just before the guest arrive.

Get an enticing dessert

The smell of freshly baked cake has never left a guest dissatisfied. There isn’t a single person who would say no to a vanilla and cocoa cake. Even though it might be delicious to make one for yourself, nowadays it is much easier (and tastier) to order one instead. Bakers form Zest Patisserie have various luscious cakes that would undoubtedly blow your and your guest’s mind. From triple chocolate mousse to banana gluten-free cakes for those who are intolerant to gluten. So, don’t dwell much about it and buy an irresistible big yum that everybody would absolutely adore. In that way, you would have more time to focus on making the main dish and entertaining your guests

Serve a “familiar” dish

By „familiar“ we mean a well-known dish for you. When you wish to throw a fancy dinner, there is no space for experimenting. If you have never cooked a certain meal before, then this is not the time to do so. You had better prepare a meal that you are familiar with. Whether that is a deeply roasted turkey with vegetables, lasagna, or slow-roast meat with various side-dishes, the goal is to make something edible. You will definitely impress your guests with a dish you have already mastered, rather than serving a meal that you haven’t also tasted.

Mind-blowing drinks

After you have decided on the dish you are going to prepare, order a fantastic cake, set a beautiful table, the time has come to think about the drinks. Always have various drinks prepared ahead. As your guest eat the appetizer you can offer them short drinks such as brandy, chocolate liqueur, or whiskey. During dinner, if you have prepared a meal with meat you should serve red wine. On the other hand, if you are going to make some dish with pasta, white wine will go better with it. What is more, you can make signature cocktails that will wow your guests. They don’t have to be complicated, just mix some vodka with blueberry juice, and voilà!

The most important thing is to always feel joyous and have a smile on your face. When the atmosphere is right, you will surely have a dazzling night.