How To Redecorate Your Bedroom

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Decorating your bedroom is one of the most fun DIY activities there are. Your bedroom is your personal space, so you can let your personality show in your decorations and tailor your bedroom to your own personal tastes to create the perfect room for you!

When it comes to redecorating your bedroom, you have a lot of options to choose from, but there are some essential things that your bedroom needs when it’s decorated, so read on to find out what your bedroom needs when you redecorate!

Paint Your Walls

The first stop of your redecoration journey should be to repaint your bedrooms walls. The colour of your walls effects the rest of your bedroom’s design and can even change how big or small your bedroom looks, so before doing any other decorating, you should paint your walls so that you have a solid starting point.

In terms of colours, for a bedroom neutral and toned-down colours are best for creating a relaxed environment to sleep in. Also, by opting for a neutral or toned-down colour, you’ll have more freedom with the rest of your décor choices as there’s less chance of colours clashing.

New Bed Linens

After you’ve painted your walls, it’s time to focus on your bed linens (Duvet cover, mattress cover, pillow covers, etc). Your bed linens are a great area to add some extra style to your bedroom and will make your room look a lot more stylish when your bed is made.

For your bed linens, your main concern should be finding bed linens which you find comfortable and easy to sleep in, don’t hurt your sleep chasing style. But when you’re picking the colours and patterns try to ensure that they fit well with other colours in your bedrooms, or if you’re getting patterned bed linens make sure you don’t add too many patterns in other areas to avoid making your room look cluttered.

New Bedroom Blinds

Another great area to add some extra colour to a bedroom is your window blinds, you can pick out blinds you like, like these green roller blinds to both shade your bedroom and add in an extra touch of colour, but again make sure the colour of your new blinds fits the colours in the room and don’t clash with other décor pieces.

Also, for your bedroom, it is important to make sure that your blinds are made with a blackout fabric, standard fabric blinds will let light from outside leak into your room and disturb your sleep, whereas, blackout blinds will stop that light from entering through your windows.

And there you have it, three of the most important areas of your bedroom to update when you’re redecorating to ensure you have a solid and consistent style in your bedroom. Have you updated any of these areas in your bedroom recently? Or made any design updates to your bedroom that we’ve not mentioned that you’d like to share with us? Let us know!